From Pastor Peter 29-Nov-2013

Dear Grace Family,

Thankful for Last Sunday!

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, especially how the Lord blessed our time together last Sunday.  First, we got to spend the morning together with the Florence campus, worshiping together and celebrating what God has done in so many lives, including several from Newport.  Afterward, GFC families hit the streets of Newport with grocery bags and boxes full of Thanksgiving groceries, taking advantage of a great opportunity to bless 68 needy families with food, prayer, an invitation to our church, and more.

As I've spoken with different ones of you, I've been blessed by the stories you've recalled to me of how your time went with the families you were assigned.  I'd love to hear more, and would love to share them in part on our blog so others can hear what God did.  If you wouldn't mind, please click HERE and share a few lines from your story.

Looking Forward to This Sunday!

The last sermon we heard looked at two strategies in the life of Joseph.  This Sunday, Pastor Brad will show us two more as we wrap up the Holy Sex sermon series.

Also, I'm looking forward to worshiping with you in our new home on 1!  It's just across the hall from theater 10, and I think it'll offer us some advantages on a weekly basis.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

In addition to the great meal we enjoyed today, I took time over the past two days to reflect on how God has so richly blessed me.  I'm so grateful to be able to worship with you each week, and watch God work in our lives at GFC Newport.  Thank you for praying, serving, giving, watching, helping, ministering and loving the Lord and His people the way you do.  Sarah & I are so blessed to have a church family like you.

Enjoy the leftovers.  See you on Sunday.

Love & thanks,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 22-Nov-2013

Dear Grace Family,

It's a very busy & exciting weekend for GFC Newport!  Check out the important information below:

THIS SUNDAY - Baptism Services at Florence!

This Sunday will be an exciting time for our entire church family...that means both campuses!  We'll be celebrating God's saving grace in the lives of many people, 4 of which our from the Newport branch of the Grace Fellowship family tree.  We'll worship together at our Florence Campus.  Sunday morning worship services are held at 8:15, 9:45 & 11:30.  If you've got kiddies, your key chain will scan in at Florence just like it does each week at Newport, and Children's Ministry is located in the rear of the building.  There will be NO WORSHIP SERVICES at Newport this Sun, 25-Nov.

This Saturday (tomorrow, 23-Nov), many of our men will be getting together at the Sparks' home for a time of praise & worship.  Click the image above for more details (including driving directions).

GFC Thanksgiving Outreach in Newport!

This Sunday afternoon, members of more than 20 Small Groups from both GFC campuses will be delivering groceries packages for complete Thanksgiving meals to over 65 needy families in Newport.  What started out as a last-minute shot in the dark to see if we could reach a few families this Thanksgiving has really taken off!  Contact your Small Group leader if you have any questions.

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way
we must help the weak and remember the words
of the Lord Jesus, how He Himself said,
'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"
Acts 20:35

I'm really looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Forum on Monday.  Click the image above for details.  I've got lots I'd love to discuss with you, AND we'd all love to hear how God blessed the time He gave you during our Thanksgiving outreach.  Childcare will be provided (help us out by clicking HERE to let us know you're bringing your kiddies).  Hope to see you there!

Lastly, please pray for me as I have the privilege of preaching the Gospel as I officiate a wedding out of town this weekend for two of our own - Markus Pepper & Hannah Rausch.  I'm looking forward to it!

See you on Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

Men's Worship Event

This Saturday, the men will be getting together to worship God around a campfire (weather permitting), from 8am to 10am. 

You'll want to forgo the usual GoogleMaps option and follow these detailed instructions instead:

Take the Taylor Mill/Covington exit on I-275 and head south on Pride Parkway and then left onto Taylor Mill Road (Route 16) at the first stoplight. Continue for approximately 1.8 miles.

Turn left onto Wolf Road.

Follow down the hill until Wolf Road dead ends into Route 177 (Decoursey Pike).

Turn right onto Route 177/Decoursey Pike.

Take an immediate left onto Porter Road (maybe 4-5 car lengths).

Take the first right onto Tecumseh Lane (between 1 and 2 tenths of a mile).

Turn left into the 3rd driveway and proceed all the way up the hill and to the end of the driveway (approximately ½ mile).

Should you need clarification on the directions, please call one of the below numbers:

George & Sherry Sparks 750-3292; 760-9337

Q&A re: our Upcoming Forum on Mon, Nov 25th

What's a Forum anyway?

Ahh...excellent question.  Forums are an opportunity for dialogue among the congregation and Elders & key leaders regarding the latest and greatest at Grace Fellowship Church.

Sounds like a blast!  Where does all this take place?

This one will take place at GFC Florence Campus on Monday, 25-Nov, 7 PM-8:15 PM.

Will childcare be provided?

Yes!  Please click HERE and help us know how many of kiddies to prepare for.  Thanks!

What happens at these things?

It's not a lecture.  It's not a sermon.  It's not a monologue.  It's a dialogue.  The best forums involve healthy conversation regarding the matters at hand.

Is this Forum special?

Yes, and for two reasons.  First, our Annual Business Meeting is coming up in a few weeks.  The Forum will help to better acquaint you with issues to be decided on at the Business Meeting, including the 2014 Church Budget.  We'll also be voting on Elders & Deacons, as well as new members who will be added to the church.

Second, it's an opportunity for me to update you on things specifically pertaining to GFC Newport, and do some vision-casting for our campus specifically.  These times don't come often since time is short on Sunday, so I really look forward to spending this time with you when it comes around.

Do we vote on stuff at Forums?

No.  Voting takes place at Business Meetings.  These Forums enable us to talk with each other, and also help to keep Business Meetings more focused on...well...taking care of business (...every way).

Got any teasers for us?

K how's this...come to find out how money, coffee, cheesecake, children's ministry, outreach, new theaters, Fort Thomas Plaza and the Pony Express can all be discussed in one Forum.


Yup.  Totally serious.  You won't wanna miss it.  Hope to see you there!

God bless,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 11/15/13

Dear Grace Family,

Sermon this Sunday

We'll be wrapping up the Holy Sex sermon series over the next few sermons.  During that time, Pastor Brad will give us a strategy for resisting the sexual temptations that are all around us.  We're going to look at the life of Joseph together as a framework for building that strategy.  If you want to start thinking about it, start reading Genesis 39:1-20, as we’ll be drawing some strategies from the life of Joseph that I think can serve us to keep from getting sucked in, chewed up, and spit out by this sex-crazed world we live in.

Invite a friend to "Connect!"

Got a friend you want to bring to church?  See someone new at church on Sunday? Invite them to "Connect" after church this Sunday.  We'll meet in the Community Center, have some lunch together, and spend a small amount of time getting to know one another (very informal).

All-Campus Baptism Service - NEXT SUNDAY, 24-NOV

Next Sun, 24-Nov, we'll be worshiping at the Florence campus on our Baptism Sunday.  If you've never been to the Florence campus of our church, directions can be found HERE.

I've worked with the organizers of the service to figure out how to best serve all involved on this special day.  After all is said & done, the best situation was to spread our baptisms out among all three services.  We'll have 1 at the 8:15 service (David Michael), 2 at the 9:45 service (Emily Bartlett & Jenny Keene), and 1 at the 11:30 service (Ethan Gautraud).  Hope to see you there!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 08-Nov-2013

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday

What are you doing right now to avoid the temptation and trap of adultery & fornication?  What hedges do you have in place in your life?  This Sunday, we'll look at some strategies for staying sexually pure based on what we see in God's all-sufficient Word.

Save the Dates!  Sun & Mon, Nov 24 & 25

We've got two important dates to mark down on our calendars, and they'll both be here before we know it!

On Sun, 24-Nov, we're going to have an all-campus baptism service at the Florence campus.  This will enable us to celebrate together what God has done in saving souls within our church as they profess their faith by being baptized.  3 of the baptisms that day are from our branch of the GFC family tree at Newport! Hope you'll plan on joining us then.  I'll have more information for you between now & then. 
On Mon, 25-Nov, we're going to be holding another Grace Forum.  This will be similar to the one we had in July, except we'll hold it at our Florence campus (meeting places in the Newport vicinity weren't available this time around).  Just like last time, we'll meet at 7 PM, enjoy some coffee and a light dessert, and will get started soon thereafter.  Bob Smith, our Dir. of Operations, will be there to give us a financial update and tell us about the 2014 church budget (which will be voted on at the Business Meeting on Tue, 10-Dec), and then we'll take some time to discuss items & updates specifically related to GFC Newport.  Hope you'll join us!

Thank You

Thanks so much for your great response to the recent giving exhortations.  Let’s continue to send it on ahead and invest in what matters most.  If you'd like to set up an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), click HERE.

Have a blessed weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 01-Nov-2013

Dear Grace Family,

G4U and "Connect" on Sunday

It'll be a busy week at GFC Newport as we hold another "Connect" lunch for newbies, and our very first Grace For You (G4U) class before church.  It all takes place in the Community Room in the Levee Building (opposite GameWorks).  Click the links above if you missed our short quick notes about them earlier this week.  We hope to see you there!

This Sunday

I look forward to opening up the Word with you again this Sunday!  We'll continue in our Holy Sex series with a sermon looking at just what is wrong with self-gratification, paying special attention to the effects of pornography on our walks with the Lord, our minds, our hearts, our children, and our families.  The message applies to all of us, but know this: most kids' first exposure to Internet pornography is age 11.  Further, the largest group of viewers of Internet porn is children, ages 12-17.  Having said that, if your child is around this age-range but doesn't typically sit under the preaching of the sermon each week, please consider bringing them into the Sanctuary with you this Sunday.  It's my hope and prayer God will use it as a helpful admonition to all of us walk in purity in holiness with Jesus for the rest of our earthly lives.  May God give us mercy & grace onSunday as we look to listen to Christ together.

From the Elders

Click HERE to check out the latest from the Elders re: Women's Ministry at the Florence campus.

Looking forward to being with you again on Sunday.  It's been too, too long!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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