From Pastor Peter 08-Nov-2013

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday

What are you doing right now to avoid the temptation and trap of adultery & fornication?  What hedges do you have in place in your life?  This Sunday, we'll look at some strategies for staying sexually pure based on what we see in God's all-sufficient Word.

Save the Dates!  Sun & Mon, Nov 24 & 25

We've got two important dates to mark down on our calendars, and they'll both be here before we know it!

On Sun, 24-Nov, we're going to have an all-campus baptism service at the Florence campus.  This will enable us to celebrate together what God has done in saving souls within our church as they profess their faith by being baptized.  3 of the baptisms that day are from our branch of the GFC family tree at Newport! Hope you'll plan on joining us then.  I'll have more information for you between now & then. 
On Mon, 25-Nov, we're going to be holding another Grace Forum.  This will be similar to the one we had in July, except we'll hold it at our Florence campus (meeting places in the Newport vicinity weren't available this time around).  Just like last time, we'll meet at 7 PM, enjoy some coffee and a light dessert, and will get started soon thereafter.  Bob Smith, our Dir. of Operations, will be there to give us a financial update and tell us about the 2014 church budget (which will be voted on at the Business Meeting on Tue, 10-Dec), and then we'll take some time to discuss items & updates specifically related to GFC Newport.  Hope you'll join us!

Thank You

Thanks so much for your great response to the recent giving exhortations.  Let’s continue to send it on ahead and invest in what matters most.  If you'd like to set up an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), click HERE.

Have a blessed weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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