Q&A re: our Upcoming Forum on Mon, Nov 25th

What's a Forum anyway?

Ahh...excellent question.  Forums are an opportunity for dialogue among the congregation and Elders & key leaders regarding the latest and greatest at Grace Fellowship Church.

Sounds like a blast!  Where does all this take place?

This one will take place at GFC Florence Campus on Monday, 25-Nov, 7 PM-8:15 PM.

Will childcare be provided?

Yes!  Please click HERE and help us know how many of kiddies to prepare for.  Thanks!

What happens at these things?

It's not a lecture.  It's not a sermon.  It's not a monologue.  It's a dialogue.  The best forums involve healthy conversation regarding the matters at hand.

Is this Forum special?

Yes, and for two reasons.  First, our Annual Business Meeting is coming up in a few weeks.  The Forum will help to better acquaint you with issues to be decided on at the Business Meeting, including the 2014 Church Budget.  We'll also be voting on Elders & Deacons, as well as new members who will be added to the church.

Second, it's an opportunity for me to update you on things specifically pertaining to GFC Newport, and do some vision-casting for our campus specifically.  These times don't come often since time is short on Sunday, so I really look forward to spending this time with you when it comes around.

Do we vote on stuff at Forums?

No.  Voting takes place at Business Meetings.  These Forums enable us to talk with each other, and also help to keep Business Meetings more focused on...well...taking care of business (...every way).

Got any teasers for us?

K how's this...come to find out how money, coffee, cheesecake, children's ministry, outreach, new theaters, Fort Thomas Plaza and the Pony Express can all be discussed in one Forum.


Yup.  Totally serious.  You won't wanna miss it.  Hope to see you there!

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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