A 'God-hunt' while in Papua New Guinea

This blog post comes from Linda Sprague, a team member on the recent Papua New Guinea trip.

Sometimes we don't see how God is at work and sometimes we aren't even looking for how God is at work in our daily life. We get so used to our day to day tasks that we assume upon the grace of God and neglect to pray and ask for God's help in the seemingly small chores or events. I have at times gone on a 'God-hunt', looking for Him and how He is answering prayers.

Recently I have had the opportunity to see God at work in big and small ways and want to share how you played a part in it. 

This summer after hearing about an opportunity to go to Malasiga, Papua New Guinea to assist Kim & Annie Colich, my husband Lee suggested we sign up to go on the 2 week long trip. We discovered we were on the team in late July and had many things to learn to prepare for the November trip. The work on the Colich village house would be difficult in the heat. We had to get our passports updated, prepare with immunizations against many possible diseases, consider how we would adjust to the heat and humidity and dwell in very small house for 10 days and travel half way around the world.

The team, Kevin & Jason Markesbery, Jeff Knutson, Valarie Bagwell and Lee & myself were very cognizant we would need much prayer to accomplish the preparation and the work. We saw God answer our prayers as we received passports back in record time. We saw God answer our prayers for the needed supplies and prep in PNG to be completed before our arrival. The solar power had to be updated before the power tools could be used on our assignment and two men helped Kim get the new solar system in place 2 weeks before our arrival. All the supplies and wood had to be shipped into Malasiga by boat and the wood siding was delivered a few days before we left.

As we prepared to leave, we made a prayer calendar to ask you to pray for the big adventure. We asked you to pray we would have hearts prepared for service and God saw fit to answer this by causing us to be ready to leave and excited about what we were to be participating in. We asked you to pray our flights and travel would go smoothly and safely. We saw God answer that request by providing a golf cart in LAX, a woman calling out 'connections to Brisbane...right here' and no unsettled stomachs as we hit turbulence over the Pacific...both directions!

We saw blessings of answered prayer as we adjusted quickly to the time change and the new culture. The men got started on the job by 7am the day after we arrived and put in 10 hour days in the 100 degree temperatures and 90 percent humidity. We saw God answer your prayers for health and strength in these conditions. As the days went by, there were so many times as we sat down at the day's end to recount what had happened and proclaim how thankful we were for God's provision of strength, health, grace and protection that day. We sensed that many people were praying for us and the Colich's through these days. The days seem to go quickly with so much work to be done. The wood siding, rain gutters and window screens were all replaced in 7 days and we were amazed at what was accomplished.

One day in particular was very difficult as we were all very tired and the heat was getting to us, I really sensed I had to step over by the ocean front and pray. God saw us through that day and the next few days went more smoothly too. What an amazing God to bless me with clarity and an urgent need to come into His presence. 

It was a great joy to be with Kim and Annie and experience life with them and be grateful for how God continues to give them what is needed to serve in Malasiga. As we stood in the village chapel that hot Sunday in PNG, I was reminded that in heaven we will rejoice around God's throne with people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation!

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray and to give financially to the missions Grace Fellowship supports around the world.
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