From Pastor Peter 06-Dec-2013

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday

How much are you grateful for the great gift 'access' to the Gospel?  We can freely (and painlessly) hear the good news that Jesus Christ has died and rose again to pay for our sins.  Now consider that in vast parts of this world, that simple, radical, eternity-changing message has barely (or never!) been proclaimed.  Consider the peace, the fellowship, the love, the truth that we enjoy as we gather with our brothers and sisters each week...and how few people on this globe are able to experience that.
The message this Sunday is 'Engage the Nations'.  How can you prepare?
  • Pray God would give us thankful hearts, ready to praise God for what He has done and what He purposes to do.
  • Pray God would give us a holy discontent for the unfinished work before us.
  • Pray God would give us a willing heart, ready to hear the call of God.  

Thanksgiving Outreach Follow-up Plan
Several of you have asked me about follow-up plans for the families we reached out to in our Newport Thanksgiving Outreach that we participated in earlier last week.  Many have decided to contact the families they blessed on their own, which I think is great!  As far as what are plans are as a church, I will be sending them a note to thank them for welcoming us into their homes & giving us the opportunity to serve, and to invite them to church for our Christmas service on Sun, 22-Dec.  If you're among those who are reaching out to the families you served last week, join me in inviting them to join us as we worship our great God together, and pray God would stir them to come!
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!  In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful winter weather.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Peter
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