From Pastor Peter 13-Dec-2013

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday

This Sunday we’ll begin celebrating one of the greatest truths in all of the Bible – the incarnation of Jesus Christ – that God took on flesh and stepped down into our world.  We're going to start in one of the most unlikely places – a genealogy.  We’ll dig into the first chapter of Matthew where Pastor Brad will show us some ‘grace nuggets’ that are tucked down into this list of ‘so and so begot so and so, who begot so and so.’  Our God is a God of grace, and you can trace His grace through all of the Bible – including genealogies.  To get your heart ready for Sunday, go ahead and read Matthew chapter 1, as it will prepare you for where we’re headed.

Save the Date!

It's back by popular demand - the 2014 Married Couples’ Dinner Dance.  Mark your calendar for Friday, Jan. 31.  There will also be a ‘Dance Lesson’ night (not required) with Durran Alexander the week before at the Florence Campus (Friday night, Jan. 24).  Click HERE for registration details.

Sprucin' up the Place

Some from both Florence & Newport have put some thought and care into decorating the theater for Christmas (we dropped some stuff of at the theater earlier this week).  Since I won't be there to see it, would you take some pics for me?  Post them to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, and use the hashtag #GFCNPTChristmas13.  I'll be looking for them after church!

Missing you one last time

For the last time this year, I'll not be with you at church this Sunday as I'm preaching at our Florence campus.  However, I'm especially excited to not only be worshiping with you again, but am particularly looking forward to preaching at Newport for three consecutive Sundays starting next week on 22-Dec for our Family Christmas service.  More to come on all that soon.

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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