From Pastor Peter 20-Dec-2013

Dear Grace Family,

Family Christmas Celebration - THIS SUNDAY!'

Sundays together are great, but some seem extra special.  I really think this is one of those.  This weekend we'll have our Family Christmas Celebration at church.  Spencer & I met earlier this week to discuss the order or worship, and he's picked some great worship songs for him and his team to lead us in.  The passages of Scripture we'll look at together will help to focus our minds on the advent of our Lord & Savior's birth, and we'll end by celebrating Communion together and celebrating what He came to do: willingly lay down His life so that people like us could be saved.  What a Savior!

Bring the Kiddies!

Although we'll have Nursery available for the littles, I'll take some time to call your older kiddos (5 & up) down to the first few rows of the theater and use that opportunity to address them specifically.  I look forward to presenting the Gospel to them, praying for them, and giving them a tasty treat as well. :)

Pray for our guests!

I sent a note to every family we had the privilege of serving in our Thanksgiving Outreach, inviting them to join us.  Some of you have told me you've personally reached out to the families you served to invite them, too.  That's great!  Consider inviting those you reached out to if you haven't already, and pray they'll come.

Lastly, who can you invite to join us on this special Sunday?  Got a friend or family member?  A coworker?  A cashier or store employee you'll interact with today or tomorrow? Invite them to celebrate Christmas with us.  And check out our Facebook ad and share it on your timeline. That helps to spread the word, too.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.  We have a Savior!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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