From Pastor Peter 27-Dec-2013

Dear Grace Family,

One of our family traditions for Christmas is baking a birthday cake for Jesus (pictured below, and yours truly bought the gold & silver sprinkles).  Particularly with four young kids, it's one of the ways our family celebrates Christ's first advent as we enjoy this treat and even sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.  I say all that to say, our Christmas was a joyful time together for our family, and it's my hope and prayer the same can be said of your celebration earlier this week.

This Sunday

Birth stories.  Everyone has 'em, because everyone's been born (stunning logic, I know).  Technology has allowed people to share their birth stories on personal blogs and websites crafted specifically for parents to share the details of how their little ones made their entrance into the world.

The Bible has them, too.  Lots!  But there will never be a birth story that lights a candle to what we celebrated on Christmas just a few days ago.  Miraculously conceived in the womb of a young virgin named Mary, adopted into the house of David by Joseph, her soon-to-be-husband, fulfilling prophecies to the letter written long before either of them were alive, and all for one reason summed up in Matt. 1:21; to "save His people from their sins."  I'm looking forward to preaching the Word on Sunday one last time this year as we look at God's work in the womb of Mary, the heart of Joseph, all so that we could be saved and God glorified.

Next Sunday - Please pray!

Would you please start praying right now for the sermon I'll preach on Sun, 05-Jan?  It's my plan to use the sermon I preach this Sunday as a foundation for some vision-casting for our almost-1-year-old church as we kick off the New Year together next Sunday.  This post is long enough, so I'll leave it at that for now.  Bottom line, please pray for me as I continue to think, pray, study and prepare for my first sermon of the New Year next Sunday.

I'm very excited to preach live these next two Sundays at Newport and can't wait to worship our great God with you then.  See you on Sunday!

Much love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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