Ham/Nye Debate Q&A discussion tomorrow: 5 Reasons to Go

As I mentioned yesterday, our very own Roger Patterson will be joining us at church tomorrow to facilitate a discussion about the debate that took place earlier this week.  Why do I think you should go?  Here are a few reasons to consider:

It's a great change to meet & interact with one of our Elders.
There are 9 of us, but only 2 regularly go to Newport every week (Mark McFadden & myself).  Come meet Roger!

Roger loves Jesus.
Just about anytime I'm with Roger, I come home talking to Sarah about his love for the Lord and how that affects his life.  God uses him to inspire me to grow & change as a child of God, a husband, a dad, and a pastor.

Roger knows his stuff.
He taught high school science.  He works for Answers in Genesis.  He's authored books (Evolution Exposed - biology & earth science versions).  He's written curricula.  Maybe he does small parties for a nominal fee (I dunno).  Bottom line, he's an interesting guy that you'll enjoy meeting and learning from.

Roger loves evangelism.
Roger hasn't forgotten the amazing grace of God that saved him from the bondage of sin and false religion (he's a former Mormon-turned-atheist).  He spends much of his discretionary time sharing the Gospel, praying with people, and striving to be a light in dark places.  He is excited about the opportunities afforded by this historic debate to tell others about Jesus Christ, and I'm sure he'll tell you how he plans on doing that.  Maybe you'll leave with some ways you can do that, too!

God uses times like these to bless us.
I got to watch the debate with a friend.  We were blessed to hear how God used the truth of His Word in each others' lives.  That's one of the many blessings of what it means to be one of many parts of the body of Christ!  I trust this time of Q&A and discussion will bless you, and your participation can bless others, too.

Missed the debate?  Click below to check it out.

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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