From Pastor Peter 07-Feb-2014

Dear Grace Family,

It's a pretty full & busy Sunday at church this weekend, so be sure to read it all!

Before church: Q&A discussion re: Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate - 9 AM

There's lots of buzz about the debate between Ken Ham & Bill Nye that took place earlier this week (miss it?  Dry your can see it HERE for a limited time).  Roger Patterson is one of our Elders, and also serves on staff at Answers in Genesis.  He'll be facilitating a discussion and Q&A re: the debate in the Community Room (opposite GameWorks) before church on Sunday at 9 AM.  Stop by to chat, and especially to learn about the evangelistic opportunities presented by this historic debate.

During church: Are you really free?

Pastor Brad will be taking us into the latter half of Romans 6.  Consider preparing by reading Romans 6:14-23 over the weekend.

After church: Refer someone to "Connect"...or join 'em!

I love feeding people.  I love talking with people.  This is why I love "Connect."

It's especially for those who are newest among us, and it's right after church THIS SUNDAY in the Community Room, just downstairs from the theater (opposite GameWorks).

Know someone new among us?  Send 'em.

Meet someone new this Sunday?  Send 'em (it's never too late).

Hey...even better, bring 'em and enjoy the free lunch with them!  We're always ready for walk-ins, but we'd love to get as accurate a headcount as possible beforehand, so click HERE for more details and to register.

Have a great weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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