From Pastor Peter 28-Feb-2014

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday: Romans 7

We moved into Romans 7 last Sunday where Pastor Brad plans on spending three weeks on verses 1-6.  Since our natural tendency is to still try and live the Christian life by the law, Paul tells us about our new relationship to the law as Christians.  Last Sunday we saw how our focus should be on our relationship with Christ as our new ‘Husband.’  This Sunday we'll see another way we can keep from getting sucked back ‘under the law’ and into legalism.  Consider preparing yourself in the Word by reading Romans 7:1-6, maybe even reading it in a few different translations.  It's easy to do at sites like

Next Sunday: "We Say When" at Florence Campus!

Do come to church at Newport THIS SUNDAY, but don't do that next Sunday, 09-Mar...'cause you'll be all alone (aww). Sunday we'll be heading over to our Florence campus to worship with the rest of our church family for our very first "We Say When" Sunday.  While everyone else is changing their clocks on Saturday night, you can leave yours alone and choose to lose the hour some other time during the day instead of while you're catching Z's.  Wanna read more about it?  Have at it by clicking HERE.

Still not too late to jump into "Grace For You!"

We kicked off another "Grace For You" class last Sunday.  Even if you missed it, you can still jump in this Sunday.  Maybe you're considering becoming a member of our church, or maybe you're just new to Grace and would like a more detailed explanation about what we believe & what we do.  If so, this is for you.  Join us in theater 2 at 9 AM.  You can always show up unannounced, but we'll get you a nifty book if you click HERE and let us know you'll be there.

Have a great weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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