Outreach Update: Newport Intermediate School 11-Feb

Last year, God afforded us the opportunity to serve children & parents from our community by facilitating a "Read-In" at Newport Intermediate School (one block south of the Levee).  Students and parents come back to the school on a weekday evening and come to the school cafeteria.  On each table is a basket of books, and we use the opportunity to read with students.  Sometimes they read to us, other times we read to them, and sometimes neither of us read and we talk about motorcycles while eating the pizza dinner we feed them.

This is the 3rd time we've done this, and this time was unique in that we had 221 students show up.  This was WAY more than had ever shown up before, and WAY more than we'd expected, but a blessed "problem" to have!  We ordered more pizza, served the group in three different shifts, and had the opportunity to get face time with families who live in the vicinity of the school, most within walking distance.

Towards the end of our time together, we were given a manila envelope.  Inside were letters from students, thanking us for our ministry among them.  Zach Lux & I quickly read through them with misty eyes and were so thankful for the opportunity the Lord afforded us.

One of the things I shared at our last forum is my hope & prayer to "grow deep" in our relationship with this school, the staff, the families we can reach through our time with them.  I'm so thankful to God for bringing so many to us, allowing us to serve them and model the selfless, sacrificial love of our Savior. 

This is an opportunity you'll want to take advantage of the next time it comes around (next date is TBD, but we're trying to do this about once/month).  Come with your Small Group, or come on your own, anytime from 5p-7p. It's a great chance to show the love of Christ to those in our community, praying God will bless our efforts to the praise of the glory of His grace.

Love in Christ.

Pastor Peter
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