From Pastor Peter 28-Mar-2014

Dear Grace Family,

#BeansAndRiceWeek...coming soon! (Apr. 6-12)

A few of us on staff attended a meeting in Cincinnati a few weeks ago re: an initiative that we'd like to take part in as a church this year.  Last year, several churches in our area ate Beans and Rice for a week, took the money they saved on groceries during that time and donated it to local ministries & organizations, just by temporarily rearranging our eating habits for a relatively short period of time.  We think it's a great opportunity to work together to bless folks outside of Grace Fellowship Church, so we're going to give it a shot this year. Come to church on Sunday expecting to hear a bit more about it.  Hope you'll join us!

Save the Date! Elders' Forum - Sun, 06-Apr @ 9 AM

What pray tell are those?  It's a time for the Elders & congregation to talk together.  Yup.  That's it.  We answer questions, talk about some things we're working through, and find that we're all better off with this opportunity to dialogue together.  Got questions?  Come get 'em answered.  Not so much?  Maybe you want to come anyway and just listen in, and participate if you're so led.  For now, just save the date (next Sun, 06-Apr @ 9 AM in theater 2).

Sermon this Sunday

I'm looking forward to hearing Pastor Brad this Sunday as we continue to dig into Rom. 7:14-25 together.  It's definitely not the easiest passage of Scripture to understand, but well worth digging into together because theology matters.  Doctrine shapes the way we live out our devotion & duty to God.  Consider taking some time to read (or re-read) through the passage of Scripture we're in & pray God would prepare our hearts to hear from Him this Sunday (and click HERE to read this passage in a few different translations).
Looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.  See you then!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 21-Mar-2014

Dear Grace Family,

Onward in Romans

I'm looking forward to being back at Newport this Sunday and worshiping together!  Pastor Brad is going to do a bit of a flyover of Romans 7:14-25, which is where we'll spend the next few weeks digging down into these verses.  Consider preparing for Sunday by reading over these verses several times, maybe even in different Bible translations (click HERE.)

Refer someone to "Taste of Grace"...or join 'em!
(formerly "Connect")

It's especially for those who are newest among us, and it's right after church THIS SUNDAY in the Community Room, just downstairs from the theater (opposite GameWorks).

Know someone new among us?  Send 'em.

Meet someone new this Sunday?  Send 'em (it's never too late).

Hey...even better, bring 'em and enjoy the free lunch with them!  We're always ready for walk-ins, but we'd love to get as accurate a headcount as possible beforehand, so click HERE for more details and to register.

Have a great weekend!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for the way so many of you are sacrificially investing your money into the ministries of Grace Fellowship, so that we can do all that God has called us to do in this decade.  The need is great, the opportunities abound, and Christ is still able to radically change lives!  So thank you for adjusting your standard of living so that you can help us fund ministry here in NKY and around the world.  You may never preach a sermon, but when you give your money you are co-laborers together with me for the Gospel!  Great is your reward.

See you Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter 

Come to 'Taste of Grace'

Perhaps Grace Fellowship Church is entirely new to you, and our Newport Campus is pretty much your first exposure to Grace.

Well...then this is for you.  {;-)

We're calling it "Taste of Grace."  Right after church on this Sunday, April 27th, head downstairs to the Community Room in the Newport on the Levee Building (it's on the Riverwalk Level - same level as the AMC ticket booth - opposite Gameworks).  You'll get to meet Pastor Peter, some other ministry leaders, and mingle with other newbies like you.  We'll even feed you' free (can't beat that).

It's never too late to let us know you're coming, so click here to RSVP and that will help us get a general headcount.

Got questions?  Email, or call 859.371.7880.

Hope to see you there!

From Pastor Peter 14-Mar-2014

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday!

By this time in our sermon series, your Bible should fall open to the section of Romans we've been in since January.  Since then, we've been looking at different "Gospel Twists" that Paul anticipated his readers putting on his teachings.  We've looked at two so far in Romans 6 and the first 6 verses of Romans 7, and this week we'll look at the last one as we answer the question, "What good is the law, anyway?"  In other words, what good purposes does the law give us?  I look forward to showing you the four purposes Paul highlights in our text this weekend, Romans 7:7-13.  Consider familiarizing yourself with Romans 7, as that's where we'll be spending the next several weeks (one of my favorite portions of Scripture).  I'll miss being with you this Sunday as I'm preaching at the Florence campus, but you'll see me on the big screen.

Children's Ministry...we're getting warmer!

Last week I mentioned that we're excited to be within just a few folks shy of a new 4-week rotation in our Children's Ministry!  Thanks so much to those of you who have stepped up to serve our kids, parents, and teachers in this important way.  You've helped us get closer to our goal, and we can't wait to get you plugged in...but we're still in need of a few more folks.  Let me know if this might be a spot you can serve!  Shoot me an email to peterlaruffa[at]graceky[dot]org, or call me at the church office (859-371-7880) and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about how it all works and see if this is an area in which you can help.

I look forward to being back with you next Sunday.  Have a blessed weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

EFCA Campus Pastor Meeting

Our denomination highly values networking.  In fact, most ministry roles have an "affinity group" of some sort that gets together annually for round table discussions centered on our areas of ministry, knowing we can benefit from sharing what the Lord is doing in each of our respective churches.  This year it was held in Kansas City in the middle of a snowstorm.  Good times. :)

After years of going to conferences and events like this, I've learned being there can be like drinking out of a fire hydrant.  You're thoroughly filled by the time you leave, but so much comes at you at such a rapid pace, it can be a bit overwhelming.  For me, the best thing to do has been to come back and place the notes on a shelf for a week.  Live life, and then take them down and start mining them at that time, looking to apply one thing (maybe two), as opposed to making all sorts of changes and promises based on hype.

This post comes in the middle of that gap week, so I'm sticking to my commitment of not looking at the notes (not even for this post), but wanted to thank you for praying for me while I was away.  It was a fruitful time away, giving me ideas for change & growth, but also one that fostered gratefulness in me for what God has done over the 1 year we've been around.

  • I was happy to share about the 15 new family units we've added to our church since the meeting last year.
  • I was thankful for the new Small Group that started in Eastgate this past year.
  • I was excited to speak of the growing relationship we're enjoying with the Newport Intermediate School specifically, and the school district as a whole.
  • I enjoyed sharing how our Thanksgiving Outreach went well not only for our campus, but for our overall church.
  • I was tickled to tell others about the fruit we've seen from our social media campaigns (which, if I remember correctly, was fairly unique to our group).

We were only 4 weeks old when I went to the meeting last year, so I had very little to share, but lots to be hopeful for and/or a bit nervous about (depends on the day).  This year, it was great to talk about areas in which the Lord is working, and also come back with new ideas and things to consider as we move forward this year.

Thanks for praying for me and seeking to grow deep in 2014.

In Christ,

Pastor Peter

P.S. here's a little something extra from my KC travels via Instagram:

From Pastor Peter 07-Mar-2014

Dear Grace Family,


Don't forget!  This Sunday we're worshiping at the Florence campus as one church family for "We Say When Sunday," something new we're trying this year.  We got the idea from some other churches in our denomination and figured we'd give it a shot.  After all, who likes losing the extra hour of sleep?  We'll see how it all works out.  See you at Florence!

Children's Ministry: Help us take our next step!

Kate Zuerner & I are excited to be within just a few folks shy of a 4-week rotation in our Children's Ministry!  Increasing the number of people who serve is an all-around win for the kids, the teachers, and the glory of God as even more people worship the Lord in their service to Him & His.  Please consider serving in this special way so that we can take this important step in the life of our young church.  We'd love to have your help!  Got questions?  Contact Kate via email to katiezuerner[at]graceky[dot]org, or reach out to me at peterlaruffa[at]graceky[dot]org.  We'd love to answer any questions you may have and see if this might be a place for you.

You are loved. (aww)

I missed being with you at church last week!  That winter storm altered my travel plans as I headed to Kansas City to an annual meeting of Campus Pastors serving in multisite churches within our denomination.  Some are like ours, others are much smaller, and others are prayerfully considering planting campus #5.  Thanks for praying for me while I was away.  These meetings are helpful, and it's great to share what God is doing among us, and hear how He's blessing others as well.  Still, I'm always excited to return and worship together with you.  Being a part of our 1-year-old church certainly isn't easy, but is a joy that I'm thankful to God for.  I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for us as we continue to grow & serve together.

Bottom line: you are loved.

See you on Florence!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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