EFCA Campus Pastor Meeting

Our denomination highly values networking.  In fact, most ministry roles have an "affinity group" of some sort that gets together annually for round table discussions centered on our areas of ministry, knowing we can benefit from sharing what the Lord is doing in each of our respective churches.  This year it was held in Kansas City in the middle of a snowstorm.  Good times. :)

After years of going to conferences and events like this, I've learned being there can be like drinking out of a fire hydrant.  You're thoroughly filled by the time you leave, but so much comes at you at such a rapid pace, it can be a bit overwhelming.  For me, the best thing to do has been to come back and place the notes on a shelf for a week.  Live life, and then take them down and start mining them at that time, looking to apply one thing (maybe two), as opposed to making all sorts of changes and promises based on hype.

This post comes in the middle of that gap week, so I'm sticking to my commitment of not looking at the notes (not even for this post), but wanted to thank you for praying for me while I was away.  It was a fruitful time away, giving me ideas for change & growth, but also one that fostered gratefulness in me for what God has done over the 1 year we've been around.

  • I was happy to share about the 15 new family units we've added to our church since the meeting last year.
  • I was thankful for the new Small Group that started in Eastgate this past year.
  • I was excited to speak of the growing relationship we're enjoying with the Newport Intermediate School specifically, and the school district as a whole.
  • I enjoyed sharing how our Thanksgiving Outreach went well not only for our campus, but for our overall church.
  • I was tickled to tell others about the fruit we've seen from our social media campaigns (which, if I remember correctly, was fairly unique to our group).

We were only 4 weeks old when I went to the meeting last year, so I had very little to share, but lots to be hopeful for and/or a bit nervous about (depends on the day).  This year, it was great to talk about areas in which the Lord is working, and also come back with new ideas and things to consider as we move forward this year.

Thanks for praying for me and seeking to grow deep in 2014.

In Christ,

Pastor Peter

P.S. here's a little something extra from my KC travels via Instagram:

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