From Pastor Peter 04-Jul-2014

Dear Grace Family,

Great picnic last week!

What a great turnout we had at our picnic last Sunday!  I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.  I thought it was great to have some guests among us, too.  What a great thing to know that first-time guests would feel so welcome among us that they'd hear about our picnic, and join us for lunch even though their new to our church body.  Praise God!  Thanks for coming out, for bringing friends, and for welcoming those who were checking us out for continuing to welcome those who were among us for the very first time. 

This Sunday: The Church and the Law of Love

Independence Day is a holiday that means much to us as Christian Americans.  We’re thankful to God for the independence we have as a nation.  Freedoms that are free to us cost others dearly, and we enjoy a plethora of them day after day, so many that we often take for granted.

As Christians, we know ultimately every good thing comes from God (James 1:17).  We thank God for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, but we’re also reminded of the freedom we have from the bondage of sin.  We rejoice in the fact we’ve been set free from its tyrannical rule, and strive to live lives that honor Christ, advance the Gospel, and bless others.

Freedom is great, but there are ways in which we can abuse the liberties we have.  If we’re not careful, we can harm others and brings shame to the name of Christ.  I look forward to opening the Word with you this week to see what God has to say about this, and trust we’ll leave with much to think about and apply as we walk with the Lord and each other.  If you want to prepare yourself in the Word, read through Romans 14 before we come together on Sunday to familiarize yourself with the passage.

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”  ~ John 8:36

See you on Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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