From Pastor Peter 15-Aug-2014

Dear Grace Family,

Small Group Fun!
Did you catch the reminder earlier this week in our Ministry News email?  We're getting ready for some end-of-summer fun at the first ever Small Group Gathering & Games next Sat, 23-Aug.  Read details HERE, including some words from our very own Dick Gautraud as to why it's on his heart to organize this event.  Still plenty of room for folks to enjoy, so consider registering while it's fresh on your mind.  I just did!

St. Mark's Lutheran Church (8th & Monroe)...still exploring
A good chunk of my week has been spent in different meetings with the building owners, city officials, and others with regards to this site as a possible home for our church.  A top priority of ours is to assess the work that would need to be put into the parts of the building that are in disrepair so it might suit our needs.  We'll know more once we hear back from inspectors, assessors, and other such folks, so keep praying the Lord will give us wisdom as we continue to see if this is what He has in store for us as our new church home, or if there's another place He'd rather us hold out for.

Celebrity Sighting Yesterday!
I'm sitting at a lunch meeting in Cincinnati yesterday.  While talking to the guy I was meeting with, I see his jaw drop and his eyes shift over my shoulder as someone came into view.  I turn around to see who or what he's looking at, and there he was.

He was smiling.
He was rested.
He was very tan.
He was still bald.

It was Brad Bigney.  (Gasp!)

Seriously, you guys.  It was just like this:

Breathe, people.  Rumor has it he's had a great time away on his Sabbatical and will be back in the pulpit next Sun, 24-Aug.  

In the meantime, this Sunday we'll get to hear from our final guest speaker of the Summer, Dr. Jim Hamilton from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He'll be preaching a message entitled "The Church and Politics."  Pray for our time together.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter
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