From Pastor Peter 05-Sep-2014

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday: Tyson & Rom. 12
Not sure if you noticed the sermon promo cards at our Resource Table, but our Romans series is coming back!  The official start is next Sun, 14-Sep, but Tyson Ziegler will be preaching a sermon this Sunday re: Small Groups from Rom. 12.  Please pray for him and review Rom. 12:1-8 if you want to prepare yourself in the Word.  We'll also celebrate Communion together this Sunday.

No-Go on St. Mark Lutheran
We hired a commercial building inspector to take a look at St. Mark Lutheran on 8th & Monroe yesterday.  While the building is in pretty good shape considering its age, the work we'd have to do in the areas of disrepair would leave us with a bill that would be more than the property is worth.  Therefore, it's time to walk away from this building.  Sure, it's sad.  It's a pretty building, a great location, and I was hoping we could make it work.  But, God seems to have led very clearly on this when the numbers came in, so we'll lay it aside and continue our search.  There's a comfort that comes in knowing instead of wondering - know what I mean?  While I wish it could've worked, I'm grateful to know where we stand and to be able to move on, trusting the Lord has better in store for us, on His timetable.

As I mentioned last week, please pray for me as I travel really ramps up for me over the next two months.  September is full of speaking engagements, beginning with the Ocean City Bible Conference (which is why I won't be with you on Sunday).  I'm able to take the fam with me, so pray for our time together on the road and at the conference.  May we both bless others and be blessed by the fellowship, praise & worship, and teaching from God's Word.

See you next Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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