From Pastor Peter 03-Oct-2014

Dear Grace Family,

From the Elders
New post over on the Elders' blog!  Click HERE to check it out so you can know how to pray more specifically for us in the days ahead.

Elders' Forum
Thanks so much for coming out to our Elders' Forum on Monday night!  I enjoyed the dialogue that took place, and also enjoyed sharing a bit about my time in Albania the preceding weeks.  If you missed it, I'll get a recap up on the blog soon to give you a summary of what we discussed.  Also, special thanks to Megan Curd for her hard work in putting all the pieces together.  It wouldn't have happened without her hard work, particularly since that was my first day back in the office after being in Albania.

This Sunday!
We're taking new ground this Sunday!  No more looking back.  We're jumping into Rom. 8, and Ryan Fultz (Dir. of High School Ministry) is taking us there.  Pray for him as he puts the final touches on his sermon and preaches the Word this Sunday.

See you then,

Pastor Peter
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