From Pastor Peter 10-Oct-2014

Dear Grace Family,

I’m looking forward to preaching the Word this Sunday!  We’re going to skip a bit ahead in Rom. 8 and look at verses 14-17, focusing specifically on what it means to have the “Spirit of adoption.”  Take some time to read through Rom. 8:1-17 to prepare your mind for our time together, and pray the Word will impact all of us as we worship together this Sunday.  I'll miss being with you this weekend as I preach at our Florence campus, but look forward to returning next Sunday.

I spent most of this past week in California attending the Annual Conference for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.  What a blessing it was to be with over 1,000 people who want to continue to sharpen their skills in sharing the saving, sanctifying Word with others who are looking for help & answers in life.  I’m so thankful to be a part of church that equips people to rightly handle the Word of God when teaching, counseling and discipling others.  Consider checking out their website,, every once in awhile.  There are lots of helpful resources to be read & watched, and most of them are free, too.  I hope you’ll pay them a visit.

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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