From Pastor Peter 07-Nov-2014

Dear Grace Family,

Thanksgiving Meal Outreach

Last year we blessed 68 families with the means to have a Thanksgiving meal as folks from our Florence & Newport campuses hit the streets of Newport with boxes & bags of Thanksgiving groceries to give to those in need.  We're doing it again this year!  Consider signing up to put together a box of groceries with your Small Group or on your own.  We'll tell you everything you need to know to reach out to a family in a very special way, as well as hook you up with a Bible, a Gospel tract and a church information card to give those you're blessing with food.  Click the banner below for more info, or let me know if you have any questions.  Hope you'll join us!

Sermon This Sunday

This Sunday we'll look at Rom. 8:28-30 as we see what the Lord wants us to know with certainty about our circumstances, our sanctification, and our security in Christ.  As we've seen in recent weeks, God wanted us to realize six simple words that have us looking forward to eternity with Him during times of difficulty in this life (and long before Sinatra sang it): The best is yet to come.  Consider reading through Rom. 8:18-30 before coming to church on Sunday as we'll spend the lion's share of our time there, particularly the last three verses (I'll be preaching out of the ESV this Sunday).

Did you know...?

Since I'm preaching this Sunday, I'll be at the Florence campus.  Did you know I pray for you each time we're away from each other?  Usually between the first and second services at Florence, I take time to pray for your time together.  Truth be told, there's usually one instance during the 2nd service that I look at the clock and notice it's near 10:30 and Newport worship services are just about to start or have just started, and I'm a little distracted for a second or two. :)  That's because you're on my mind & heart whenever I'm not there, and I'm always looking forward to being back.  Thanks for distracting me a little while I preach.  I think it's a good thing. ;-)

Have a blessed weekend,

Pastor Peter
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