From Pastor Peter 12-Dec-2014

Dear Grace Family,

I'm looking forward to worshiping together once again this Sunday!  This week, Pastor Brad will be walking us through an amazing passage of Scripture, John 1:1-18.  Please consider joining me in the following between now & then:
  • Take some time to read through John 1:1-18 a couple of times this weekend before you come on Sunday.  If you’re a coffee drinker, grind those beans (Pastor Brad's current favorite is Organic Reality Blend from Reality Tuesday, while I'm still head over heels for just about anything from Carabello), get in your favorite chair, and enjoy some unhurried time with the Lord, even if just for a little while.  You won't regret it.
  • Pray for the preaching and worship on Sunday! What might happen if we all really prayed before we came on Sunday?  Let’s find out!  Pray for Christ to be lifted up, for God’s Word to go forth with power, and for hearts to be pierced with the hope and truth of the Gospel
  • Invite someone to join you!  Who’s in your circle of influence or network of relationships at work, neighborhood, gym, hair salon, or school that you could invite?  Remember – the #1 reason anyone ever steps foot in a church is because somebody else gave them a personal invitation to join them.
  • Pray for the #AskPastorBrad event tonight (Fri, 12-Dec, 7:47pm, at the Florence campus), for 17-26 yr. olds.  Pray that Christ would be lifted up and that both grace and truth would be shared in a way that would connect with unchurched, unbelievers, or churched young people that are wrestling through what they’ve been taught.  Click HERE for more details! 
So glad to be returning to Newport this Sunday.  Hope you will too.  See you then!

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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