From Pastor Peter 19-Dec-2014

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday we'll celebrate Christmas by having our very first Christmas Candlelight Service!  I'm very excited about it and looking forward to this special time together.  With this in mind, we'll be limiting seating on Sunday to enable us to more easily light each others' candles.

Also, please remember this a "Family Service," so there will only be Nursery & Sunday School for kids ages 5 & under.  Bring the older ones in with you as I'll look to spend some focused time with them presenting the Gospel as I do each Christmas.

To prepare for our time in the Word together, consider the following:
  • Read through Philippians 2:5-11.  We'll spend time here as we finish our sermon series, "God in Flesh."
  • Pray, pray, pray for God to move in all our services, here at Newport and over at Florence as well.  May His Word run with power and magnify the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Invite someone to join you this Sunday!  Talk to them at work, in the store, maybe send them a link to this post, but prayerfully ask if they'd consider joining you for a special Christmas service.
  • Go out of your way to look for and greet someone you don't know.  Tell them you're glad they're here, and ask how long they've been coming to Grace (instead of "Is this your first Sunday?" and you find out it's their 3rd month.)  #awkward
See you there!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

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