From Pastor Peter 02-Jan-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Happy New Year!  This Sunday, we're planning on spending our 1st Sunday of the year together in a very special way, dedicating our entire time together to worshiping the Lord through song & prayer.  I hope you'll come ready to pray prayers of adoration and thanksgiving to the Lord, and also ready to present to Him requests since we're a needy people, and He's our great & mighty God.

Sarah & I are coming up to a bittersweet time (admittedly, a bit more sweet than bitter).  It's bitter because we'll not be with you for the next two Sundays.  However, it's sweet because of the reason...we're getting away together!  I'm so looking forward to spending time with the love of my life as we take a trip, just the two of us.  We've tried to do this regularly, believing the unhurried time without distractions is VERY good for our marriage, but it's been a few years since we've been able to get I'm excited to not have to share her with anyone for a week and get her all to myself. {;-)  Please pray for our time away!

Lastly, if you would please pray for me tonight, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'm preaching a funeral service for a two-month-old baby who passed away in our church (Selah Anne Estes - details are HERE).  What a hard, hard time this is for all who are affected by her passing.  Still, as hard as it is, we're not without hope and help from our gracious God.  Please pray for me as I seek to provide comfort, hope and preach the Gospel from God's all-sufficient Word.  I'd greatly appreciate it.

Love you all,

Pastor Peter
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