From Pastor Peter 16-Jan-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Pastor Brad got us off to a great start last week in our new sermon series, casting vision for 2015 and beyond:

‘That God would raise up a generation of Christians who have the courage to stand, the confidence to speak up, and the heart to sacrifice because they’re committed to the truth of God’s Word, the mission of God’s church, and the mercy of God’s Son – Jesus Christ.”

This Sunday, I’ll seek to present a second necessary part of our vision series, seeking to answer the question “Who are we?”  In addition to looking at our 8 “Big Rocks,” I hope we’re also challenged from God’s Word to not fall into an often overlooked trap that sometimes comes as a result of the vision-leak and mission-creep Brad spoke of last week: unfruitfulness.  What causes this?  What can we do to prevent it as we seek fruitfulness in mission and vision in the days God has given us?  Let’s prayerfully look to God’s Word for answers as we continue to seek to please our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ together as a church family.

We’ll look at a variety of Scriptures together, but one portion of Scripture worth reading through between now & Sunday is Mark 4:1-20.  We’ll spend some time there together, so consider familiarizing yourself with this parable over the weekend.

One last thing…did you catch my post yesterday?  If not, give it a read sometime soon as I hope this serves as a preparation for our first corporate prayer meeting on 02-Feb.  I’m very, very excited about this (you should be, too)!

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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