From Pastor Peter 23-Jan-2015

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday
I'm looking forward to being back with you at church!  I'm also looking forward Pastor Brad giving us our marching orders, calling each one of us to seriously consider what God might have each of us do so that we can move forward to reach people for Christ, and please Him with our lives.

Newport Prayer Meeting - Mon, 09-Feb

It turns out there were two other meetings on the original date we planned our Prayer Meeting for.  We decided to bump it back a week, hoping that'll make it easier for more to join us.  So continue to save the date - the NEW date - Mon, 09-Feb, 6:30p dinner (optional), 7p start.  Hope to see you there!  (Also, I'm blogging about prayer between now & then to help get us ready to spend this time together.  My post from yesterday is HERE.) 

Pray for me today & tomorrow as I speak at a Men's Retreat.  I think it's unique in that I've never preached to a group I have absolutely no relational connection to (I'll meet them when I get there).  Pray for me as I preach and spend this time with them, that God would be pleased to do great things for His glory & our good.

See you Sunday,

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