From Pastor Peter 27-Feb-2015

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday

Question: in light of the doctrine of election, how could God find fault with anyone?  Pastor Brad will be back in the pulpit, preaching from Romans 9:19-33.  Think about it, pray about it, and come ready to hear from God's Word and celebrate Communion together as a church family.

Grace 4 U begins Sun, 08-Mar, 9a in Theater 1
This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our church by taking a more detailed look at the things that matter most to us at Grace Fellowship.  This informative, 4-week class is non-committal, but is also especially helpful for those who are considering church membership.  Click HERE to let us know you're coming so we can prepare an adequate amount of materials.

Newport Campus Elders' Forums - Mon, 09-Mar, 7p at Florence Campus (w/ optional 6:30p dinner)
Pastor Brad, Pastor Ken, myself and others from our staff have been participating in meetings about our Newport Campus as we consider what the Lord has in store for us at this important two-year mark.  Come to dialogue about the latest on buildings, community outreach opportunities, and hear what we're prayerfully considering so you can pray with us, too.  Meeting starts at 7p, but a light dinner will be served at 6:30p if you're interested (click HERE to register).  Childcare will be provided.  Hope to see you there!

Please pray for me.
I'm heading out to Boulder, CO, for the annual Multisite Pastors meeting that our denomination holds.  It's an opportunity to worship at another multisite church, and learn much about what the Lord is doing in other churches similar to ours.  Please pray for my time there.  Specifically, pray the Lord would show me one key thing he'd have me learn and apply that would bless our church.  I'd greatly appreciate that.

Looking forward to being back with you next week.  Have a blessed weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter


Campbell County just announced they're extending the LEVEL 2 SNOW EMERGENCY through mid-morning Sunday.  Therefore, worship service is CANCELLED at Grace Fellowship Newport tomorrow (Sun, 22-Feb-2015).

As of the time/date of this post, services at our Florence campus are on as scheduled since Boone County is not currently under the same snow emergency.

From Pastor Peter 20-Feb-2015

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday - God's Electing Love

We start a new chapter in Romans this Sunday - Romans 9.  We're going to take the next few weeks looking at the electing love of our great God.  It's a topic that's hotly debated among Christians for years, and oftentimes an area of Scripture that churches and preachers avoid like the plague.

Instead of falling into the ditches of fight or flight, I hope you'll lean in with me as we open God's Word together.  Let's look at what He has to say, and pray He'll show us what it means to us as Christians who are seeking to stand, to speak and to sacrifice because of the grace and mercy shown to us through Jesus Christ.

Worship Team auditions
We're always looking to plug people in to our Serve Teams.  If you're a gifted musician or vocalist, we'd love to have you with us!  Click HERE for for more information.

Stay warm this weekend!

God bless,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 13-Feb-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Great Prayer Meeting on Monday night!
Thanks to all of you who came out to our very first Prayer Meeting as a church.  40 of us (not counting our kids) were in attendance, and enjoyed boldly approaching the throne of grace with praise, thanksgiving, and requests.  Save the date: our next prayer emphasis will be with our friends from the Florence campus for the #GoBoldly event taking place March 17,18 & 19.  More details to come.

Precepts Class - my bad {:-\
Last week I announced the Precepts class at church and presented it as a Ladies' Bible Study.  Actually, it's co-ed.  Nothing single-sex about it.  Very sorry about that.  All are welcome, so click HERE for more information and to register.

Sermon this Sunday
Although we'll not be together this Sunday, I am excited to open the Word with you as we finish off this great chapter in the book of Romans.  The text we'll be looking at is Rom. 8:31-39, taking a look at a Q&A of sorts that Paul presents to us about what would appear to be potential "security threats" to our standing in Christ and becoming more like Him.  Consider familiarizing yourself with the text before coming to church on Sunday.  Also, I've placed 4 questions at the end the outline for you to consider personally and/or with your Small Group, so take a look at them as well.

Have a great weekend!

God bless,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 06-Feb-2015

Click HERE to check out the latest post over on the Elders' blog.


Dear Grace Family,

GFC Newport Prayer Meeting - THIS MON, 09-FEB

It's finally here!  We're just days away from our first-ever corporate Prayer Meeting, something I've been looking forward to since the Fall of last year, and something I hope becomes a regular part of our life as a church family.

  • What are we praying for?  Since this is our first prayer meeting together as a church, I thought it best for us to spend some time praying for just that - our church.  We just turned 2-years-old last Sunday, and we have much to look back upon, to look forward to, and always reasons to rejoice for the mercy and grace God continues to lavish upon us.

In an effort to make attending easier, we thought we'd help bear that burden by providing an optional dinner for you & your family, if you're interested.  Also, we'll watch the kiddies for you if they're too young to participate with us (but that's your call, as they're more than welcome to join us).  Please click HERE and register for dinner and/or childcare so we can get a good headcount for both.

New Hope Baby Bottles are due THIS SUNDAY

Bring 'em back to church with you heavier than when you took them home.  Load 'em up with coins, cash & checks, and let's see how much we can bless New Hope Center

GPS - Thank you!

What a blessing to see you respond to Pastor Brad's message the way you have.  Many have signed up to become a more regular, consistent giver.  Others have committed to pray even more, especially for Brad & me by joining our PIT Crew.  Others have sought out new opportunities to serve the Lord both inside & outside our church.  All of it requires varying degrees of sacrifice and commitment, and all of it is well worth the effort.  If you haven't checked out the GPS part of our website, click HERE and jump in with us.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday and spending some more time in Romans with you.  Oh, and I'm leading us in praise & worship this weekend, for which I'm very excited (it's been awhile, and I really enjoy it).  Hope to see you then!

Have a blessed weekend,

Pastor Peter

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