From Pastor Peter 13-Mar-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Our Elders' Forum was great!  What a great time of open, spirited dialogue.  I highly value times like those as I believe they can be beneficial for all involved.  Thanks so much to all who came out.  I look forward to the next time we can spend together like that.

Baptism Lunch is next Sun, 22-Mar, after church @ Dewey's Pizza.  If you've not yet gone public with your faith by being baptized, I'd love to talk to you about that.  We have a baptism service planned for Sun, 03-May, so let's talk about what the Bible says about baptism, how we roll at Grace when it comes to baptism, and consider if this might be the time for you to be baptized.  Coming to the meeting locks you into nothing more than a free lunch. Hope to see you there!

This Sunday, Pastor Brad takes us back into Romans 9, talking to us about the biblical balance we cling to as we look at these important doctrines of God's sovereign grace.  It's going to be a great message that will center us as a church as we love the truth of God's Word, even when it's hard or not completely understandable.  How are you doing with that?  How much does your love for God and His Word depend on your complete understanding or absolute comfort with what you read?  Important things to think through, friend.  May God bless us as we consider these and other things in our time together on Sunday.

See you then,

Pastor Peter
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