From Pastor Peter 24-Apr-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Please pray for me!
I'm preaching at a retreat for high school seniors at the Catholic school I attended as a teenager.  I'll spend the weekend leading a Small Group, serving in any way I can, and preaching.  If you care to pray at a specific time, I'll be preaching the Gospel at 11:00a tomorrrow (Sat) morning to all in attendance - students, staff & other alumni.  Pray, pray, pray for the Word as I preach it, for the conversations I'll have with others, and for whatever I can do to be salt, light, and a faithful witness to those there.

PIT Crew Emails
By the way, did you know Pastor Brad & I send out PIT Crew Emails about once each month?  "PIT" stands for Pastor's Intercessory Team.  By joining the team, you receive emails from us with prayer requests for us re: ministry, family & personal life.  If you're interested in joining this team, send me an email and we'll get you subscribed.

Important Elders Forum - Save the Date!
As you know, a team of Elders & staff have been meeting regularly, prayerfully considering what might be the best "next steps" to take for our church in Newport.  This past Monday, I presented the fruit of our labors to the Elders at large, and it was unanimously approved. it's time to roll it out and get moving together.  Especially after the great turnout and spirited dialogue we had last time, I think the best way to do that is to have a Forum on Mon, 04-May, 7p at the Florence Campus.  More details to come, but do save the date for now.

This Sunday, Pastor Brad is back in the pulpit talking about the next piece of "basic equipment" needed to live the Christian life; scripture memory (particularly longer passages of Scripture).  Similar to last week, get ready for an emphasis on answers to "why" that we hope will motivate us all to make the practice of working to memorize larger passages of Scripture a part of our spiritual diet.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for praying.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 17-Apr-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Thanks for Praying!
We had another prayer meeting on Monday night, specifically focusing on praying for the sick among us.  After praying prayers of thanksgiving & praise to God, we took some time to jot down some general things we should be praying for when it comes to those who are afflicted with illness.  We put them on the whiteboard and used that as a foundation upon which to build our prayers upon.

Afterward, we split up into smaller groups and prayed for individual’s needs, learning more about how we can pray for them specifically.  What a sweet time of learning more about one another’s needs.  Thank you for praying, thank you for letting us pray for you, and thanks for continuing to lift up one another as often as the Spirit reminds us.

This Sunday
We’re going to take a look at some more “Basic Equipment” for living the life God has called us to live in Christ as we look upon the Word of God.  I hope to give you a measuring stick to answer the following question: Do I have a diet of God’s Word feeding me?

Now, I just Googled “Bible Reading Plans” and came up with over 4.1 million in 0.31 seconds (click HERE and see if you can beat me).   I’m convinced, however, that people don’t stop consistently reading their Bibles because they forget how.  I think they forget why.  While I hope to give you some practical help, I want to focus on the why, and give us some things to look for in each of our lives to better assess whether or not we’re being adequately fed by God’s Word.  We’ll look at several Scriptures, but will spend a large portion of our time looking at portions of John 4:1-42, so consider reading through that before coming to church on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

In Christ,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 10-Apr-2015

Dear Grace Family,

What a great time it was to celebrate the resurrection last Sunday!  I hope you were as blessed as I was, and left rejoicing and thinking of ways our risen Savior changes the way we live right here and now.  Plus, it was great to have so many among us, both first-time guests and visitors from our Florence campus.  Thanks for inviting folks, lending a hand in serving, and helping to make it a very special Easter Sunday indeed.  Now that it's passed, click
 HERE and check out some Easter follow-up ideas you might find helpful.

Prayer Meeting on MON, 13-APR, 7p at Florence Campus (optional 6:30p dinner)
I hope you'll join us for our corporate prayer meeting Monday evening.  Taking a clue from Jesus' life and imperatives we find throughout the Scriptures, we're going to take some time to pray for the sick among us.  Join us as we pray for endurance, strength, patience, perseverance, and healing for folks who need it most.  

In an effort to make attending easier, we thought we'd help bear that burden by providing an optional dinner for you & your family, if you're interested.  Also, we'll watch the kiddies for you if they're too young to participate with us (but that's your call, as they're more than welcome to join us).  Please click HERE and register for dinner and/or childcare so we can get a good headcount for both.

We're starting a new sermon series on Sunday called "Basic Equipment for the Christian Life," a series designed to give us a starting point in having the courage & confidence we've been speaking about in recent weeks and months.  Check out what's coming up over HERE and pray for our time together.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 3-Apr-2015

Dear Grace Family,

I'm excited to celebrate the Resurrection with you on this Easter Sunday!  Please pray for me as I seek to preach a sermon that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ and draws people unto Him.  Pray for my children's sermon as I love dedicating a little time to some of the youngest among us on these special days (Children's Ministry will be provided for children 4 & under).  Pray about who to invite as there's still plenty of time!  (I blogged about it HERE yesterday).  Pray that we'd all be stirred afresh by the glorious, stunning truth of the Resurrection, and may we never grow used to that which literally changed the world forever.

Want some more ways to be intentional this Easter?  How 'bout 10 right over HERE.

Save the Date for our next Prayer Meeting - Mon, 13-Apr, 7p (optional 6:30p dinner).  Childcare will be provided.  More to come but for now, mark it down on your calendar and consider joining us as then as we continue to grow as a church in corporate prayer.

Hope you're looking forward to the celebration on Sunday.  See you then!

Because He lives,

Pastor Peter
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