From Pastor Peter 17-Apr-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Thanks for Praying!
We had another prayer meeting on Monday night, specifically focusing on praying for the sick among us.  After praying prayers of thanksgiving & praise to God, we took some time to jot down some general things we should be praying for when it comes to those who are afflicted with illness.  We put them on the whiteboard and used that as a foundation upon which to build our prayers upon.

Afterward, we split up into smaller groups and prayed for individual’s needs, learning more about how we can pray for them specifically.  What a sweet time of learning more about one another’s needs.  Thank you for praying, thank you for letting us pray for you, and thanks for continuing to lift up one another as often as the Spirit reminds us.

This Sunday
We’re going to take a look at some more “Basic Equipment” for living the life God has called us to live in Christ as we look upon the Word of God.  I hope to give you a measuring stick to answer the following question: Do I have a diet of God’s Word feeding me?

Now, I just Googled “Bible Reading Plans” and came up with over 4.1 million in 0.31 seconds (click HERE and see if you can beat me).   I’m convinced, however, that people don’t stop consistently reading their Bibles because they forget how.  I think they forget why.  While I hope to give you some practical help, I want to focus on the why, and give us some things to look for in each of our lives to better assess whether or not we’re being adequately fed by God’s Word.  We’ll look at several Scriptures, but will spend a large portion of our time looking at portions of John 4:1-42, so consider reading through that before coming to church on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

In Christ,

Pastor Peter
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