From Pastor Peter 29-May-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Next Sunday – ALL HANDS ON DECK!

We need your help packing up to move our stuff out of the theater after church next Sun, 07-Jun.  After we finish, we’ll load and unload elevators, make trips to loading docks, and load up our stuff in a truck.  Note: we only need help on the Newport side of things (others will unload at Florence).  Please consider hanging around after church and helping us out!   Dewey’s Pizza lunch will be provided for all who lend a hand once all the work is done.

Finishing Touches

I spent a few hours yesterday in Covington, staring at paint colors, flooring samples, and thinking WAY outside the box with some folks who are WAY more talented in these areas than I am.  I’m thankful for Douwe & Marcie Blumberg, Bob Smith & Todd Richmond for their help and input.  I think we all left the meeting very excited about what was decided, clarifying many different details to make the best use of our space in Fort Thomas in the Fall.  I can’t wait to see it!

This Sunday

We're continuing our “Church Matters” series this week with a message about church discipline entitled The Church and its Most Neglected Love Language.  Despite the fact the Bible speaks clearly about this necessary practice among believers, not many people or churches practice it.  We do.  Why?  How is this ‘loving?’  I’m excited to hear from Pastor Brad as he opens the Word with us on Sunday.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 22-May-2015

Dear Grace Family,
This Sunday we'll hear from our Director of High School Ministry, Ryan Fultz, about the Church and the Fall.  If we are going to be excited about the Gospel and taking it to our community, we must come to terms with sin and our own depravity.  Without the Fall there is need no for a savior and without sin we don’t need grace.  May God use this Sunday to help us see him more clearly and love him more fully.
Elders' Forum: Newport Campus Recap
Be sure to get updated on news from the great Forum we had last Tuesday night as we rolled out the new direction for our campus. Thank you to everyone who turned out and asked so many great questions.  View the Recap HERE.
In Christ,
Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 15-May-2015

Grace Family,

This Sunday we're excited to kick off a new sermon series we’re calling ‘Church Matters’ that will take us all the way through the summer.  This series also has some amazing guest speakers who are some of the people that have impacted the life of our church leaders and church family. More info about the series HERE.

Elders' Forum: Newport Campus Recap
Be sure to get updated on news from the great Forum we had Tuesday night as we rolled out the new direction for our campus. Thank you to everyone who turned out and asked so many great questions.  View the Recap HERE.

A word from Todd Richmond, Director of Missions: 
In hindsight, we realized that at the Forum we dropped a pretty big surprise on you [Newport taking a sabbatical over the summer and worshiping at the Florence Campus] right at the end of the meeting without time for good dialogue on that topic.  Please forgive us.  Although we do believe that the pros outweigh the cons, we are very aware that we are not all knowing or all wise.  So if you have helpful thoughts or comments regarding this, please either email me or call me at the church.  [Peter is currently on vacation.] We do want to hear from you, particularly on this topic.  Thanks, Todd Richmond!

Our best days are ahead of us because God is still leading us.

Love in Christ,


From Pastor Peter 8-May-2015

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday I’m excited to open the Word as we wrap up our “Basic Equipment” sermon series.  I’ll be preaching on prayer, but specifically what it looks like to pray with the heart of a child.  Of the many ways the Word of God refers to believers, the term used most often is “children,” reminding us of our relationship to our heavenly Father as His adopted sons and daughters.  How ought this affect our prayer life?  Why is this so important to remember as we pray?  I hope God will use our time in the Word together to show us just that.

An important Elders’ Forum is coming THIS TUE, 12-MAY, 7p at the Florence Campus!  I trust you received my email last week re: exciting changes we’re about to make concerning our Newport Campus.  I hope you’ll join us on Tuesday night to hear all the great details, and to engage in dialogue with us about these exciting next steps for our church.  Childcare will be provided, so help us prepare by registering HERE.  Hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Peter

From Pastor Peter 1-May-2015

Dear Grace Family,


This Sunday, we'll worship together with the rest of our church family at our Florence campus, celebrating new life in Christ. It'll be a great time hearing how God has worked in the lives of our brothers & sisters to draw them to Himself.  I'm especially excited to be baptizing four of our own from the Newport campus:

Sean Barry - 1st service (8:15a)
Will Klostermann - 2nd service (9:45a)
Hannah Beal - 3rd service (11:15a)
Mark Pepper - 3rd service (11:15a)

Save the [NEW] date for our Elders' Forum on Tue, 12-May.  We were unable to provide childcare on the original date, so thought it would be best to move the Forum to a different day & time.  Hopefully you received my email about some exciting changes concerning the Newport campus (if you haven't, please drop me a note HERE and I'll send it to you right away).  Join us to learn more, to talk together, to hopefully leave excited, with loads to pray for and look forward to.

Here's a unique opportunity to serve the Newport community.  Perhaps you've heard me mention the "Game Changer" nights at Newport Intermediate School (1 block south of the Levee).  It's an after-school event held this Wed, 06-May, 5p-7p at the school. Our church provides pizza and serves in any way we can on that evening. It's a great time to engage with families from Newport, as well as to encourage staff & faculty within the school.  Consider joining me and others as we lend a hand and seek to be good neighbors to kids, parents & teachers.

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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