From Pastor Peter 15-May-2015

Grace Family,

This Sunday we're excited to kick off a new sermon series we’re calling ‘Church Matters’ that will take us all the way through the summer.  This series also has some amazing guest speakers who are some of the people that have impacted the life of our church leaders and church family. More info about the series HERE.

Elders' Forum: Newport Campus Recap
Be sure to get updated on news from the great Forum we had Tuesday night as we rolled out the new direction for our campus. Thank you to everyone who turned out and asked so many great questions.  View the Recap HERE.

A word from Todd Richmond, Director of Missions: 
In hindsight, we realized that at the Forum we dropped a pretty big surprise on you [Newport taking a sabbatical over the summer and worshiping at the Florence Campus] right at the end of the meeting without time for good dialogue on that topic.  Please forgive us.  Although we do believe that the pros outweigh the cons, we are very aware that we are not all knowing or all wise.  So if you have helpful thoughts or comments regarding this, please either email me or call me at the church.  [Peter is currently on vacation.] We do want to hear from you, particularly on this topic.  Thanks, Todd Richmond!

Our best days are ahead of us because God is still leading us.

Love in Christ,

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