From Pastor Peter 29-May-2015

Dear Grace Family,

Next Sunday – ALL HANDS ON DECK!

We need your help packing up to move our stuff out of the theater after church next Sun, 07-Jun.  After we finish, we’ll load and unload elevators, make trips to loading docks, and load up our stuff in a truck.  Note: we only need help on the Newport side of things (others will unload at Florence).  Please consider hanging around after church and helping us out!   Dewey’s Pizza lunch will be provided for all who lend a hand once all the work is done.

Finishing Touches

I spent a few hours yesterday in Covington, staring at paint colors, flooring samples, and thinking WAY outside the box with some folks who are WAY more talented in these areas than I am.  I’m thankful for Douwe & Marcie Blumberg, Bob Smith & Todd Richmond for their help and input.  I think we all left the meeting very excited about what was decided, clarifying many different details to make the best use of our space in Fort Thomas in the Fall.  I can’t wait to see it!

This Sunday

We're continuing our “Church Matters” series this week with a message about church discipline entitled The Church and its Most Neglected Love Language.  Despite the fact the Bible speaks clearly about this necessary practice among believers, not many people or churches practice it.  We do.  Why?  How is this ‘loving?’  I’m excited to hear from Pastor Brad as he opens the Word with us on Sunday.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter
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